Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Visitor in the Night

'It' crawled into my room one hot summer night as I sat at my computer engrossed in my over-due assignment. Seems like this is the season when all creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night make their presence felt.
I never actually saw 'it' enter but I felt it occupy the space below my chair. This is probably what you would call Extra Sensory Perception.I call it the heebie jeebies!

So instinctively I bent down to take a look at what had come to enjoy my company. And thats when i saw .....nothing. I saw absolutely nothing apart from my own hairy ankles and my slippers; one of them was turned face down.(I laughed a little inside my head thinking of how much this would have irritated my dear old Nana. Apparently slippers that have turned turtle bring bad luck.I was about to find out that Nana had been right all along.)

So I carried on with my coding assignment and tried to push the feeling out of my mind. I barely got a few lines of code down when I felt it around my foot. I nearly soiled myself with fright and I let out a pathetic yelp. Startled, I curled my feet up under myself and shook like a leaf. It took me atleast 15 minutes to uncurl myself from the fetal position and peer under my chair. Still unable to see it, though slightly relieved, I laughed out loud. I did this to try and frighten away whatever it was that had taken a liking to my hairy ankles.

And thats when I saw it! Well, I didnt actually see it but I did notice my slipper move on its own accord. I didnt waste a single second. I grabbed my keyboard, yanked the connecting cable out of the cabinet and began wielding it like a madman in the general direction of my slipper.

With the first swing I struck something. I didnt know what or how big it was but I didnt let that deter me from going gung-ho with my Logitech Easy Keybord Deluxe.I whacked and smacked for all I was worth .'It' was obviously in pain coz it was making unearthly noises which could have indicated both pleasure or pain. I guessed it was the former and continued to let 'It' have it. No invisible creature was going to fondle my ankles and slither away unpunished. I felt a wetness splash against my shin and I guessed the moster was bleeding. As the pounding continued, it lashed out at my stomach but only managed to tear my shirt around my navel. Then after about a minute of mayhem, the noises stopped and all I could hear was my heart pounding in my head.

I opened the door leading to the stairwell of my building and pushed the formless lifeless thing out into the cold night with my foot and slammed the door shut. Slowly I fell to the floor with my back against the closed door and thanked God for small mercies.I could'nt believe what had just happened.

It seemed like a couples of hours before I could get myself to stand up. Shakily, I walked over to my PC. I picked up my keyboard and the 'F1' and 'Esc' keys which had come loose. I connected the keyboard back into the socket and was about to sit down when I heard the noise. A scratching sound coming from outside the closed door....

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Makings of a Perfect Day

My bro Gags and I once sat down and compiled a list of things that would constitute a perfect day.The following is what we eventually came up with. It is infact completely exhaustive and probably too good to be realistic but what the heck.

Here it is.. the recipe for the perfect day.

1.You got to have summer for it to be a perfect day. So imagine a hot summer afternoon.

2.You can't be outdoors on such a day, can you? So picture yourself indoors.

3.You should'nt have any pending chores to do. You cant have a perfect day if you got work on your mind.

4.You got to be lying down in bed with a television set at the foot of the bed.

5.The fan has to be on, turned up to the max and you got to have a ligth bed-sheet to cover yourself with. Make sure its not too thick.You must have 2 pillows under your head to prop it up. How else are you gonna be able to watch the telly?

((I know this sound great already but trust me... read on. Its gonna get better!))

6.Imagine youself wearing a banian (sleeveless vest) and shorts. The banian HAS to have a small hole in it. (Gagan and I have a good laugh everytime we think about this.)

7. Next, there has to be a cricket match playing on the telly. Perferably an India vs Pakistan World Cup final with India playing at its best; Sachin at strike and hitting sixes off every alternate delivery.

8.Now picture a bowl of cold watermelon slices by your side. Yum! This actually goes well with point 1. coz you don't get watermelon here in the winter and no other fruit will do ;)

9.Last but definitely not the least, it has to be a holiday. Not an official holiday like a sunday but something like a Republic day which comes once a year in the middle of the week and gives everyone a much needed break.

Now any one of these points on its own would be great. But when taken together, they result in a winning combo.So there you have it.An amazingly perfect day!

Monday, February 13, 2006

I was blog-hopping when I came across a blog by a Roman Catholic girl who has recently converted to Mormonism. I didnt know much about the Mormon beliefs and doctrines. Most of my knowledge came from a Southpark episode where the founder of the Mormon Church of Latter-Day Saints (Joseph Smith) is ridiculed.

So I have been Googling for more info on the mormon church and I'm simply appaled by what I've read so far. This is one of the many pages I found.
Seems like there is an unending effort to pervert God's word in any way possible.

My Googling also led me to another page which deals with the Creation Vs Evolution topic yet again.

Something more to ponder about.

PS - Happy Valentines Day y'all :)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Cardinal Rules

You know there are some things in life which dont have to be taught to you.Things like saying "Oh your baby is so cute!" when you actually want to say "Yikes! Who gave birth to that freak!". I mean, no one wants to break a mom's heart with the hard hitting-truth so you are expected to veil the truth with a white lie.

Yet today I came across an individual who apparently needs everything explained explicilty to him. I'm not gonna take any names here but to my anonymous friend... you know who you are. This is for all you guys who are like my unnamed friend.

Rule Number 1.
Never point out to a girl who has hair on her upper lip and say "Hey you have a moustache!!". No dude out there likes hairy girls but you dont need to make a public display of a girl if shes been a little careless.

Rule Number 2.
If you ever forget about rule number 1 and actually say such a thing to a girl, make yourself scarce and avoid that girl for the rest of your life. DONT whip out your camera phone and start taking pictures of her hairy upper lip! You may as well hand her a razor and a can of Gillette shaving cream.

And to the gals, please try and be a little more careful coz not every guy out there is as 'accommodating' as I am.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Homer Simpson: "I'm a Rage-a-holic! I just can't live without Rage-a-hol!"

Friday, February 03, 2006

My darling Beulah

Today was the first day of our annual literary event 'Epiphany' in college. The preparations have been on since before December and this year the event is on a much bigger scale than ever before.

I was heading toward the Scrabble event to help them set up the room today morning when i got stopped by some third year volunteers. They wanted me to participate in the creative writing event. The event required two participants per team. Luckily Neha Holay had just entered college and we decided to take part together just for kicks.

We were given one pic and one phrase. We had half an hour to write creatively about the pic and then another half hour about the phrase. What they didn’t tell us was that the phrase had to be linked with the pic in our text.

We were handed the pic of a healthy cow and our creative juices began to flow. We decided to use the element of horror in our text coz half an hour just isnt enough to get something humorous onto paper.

We decided against writing about the slaughter house coz that seemed too mundane. Instead we went on to describe how Beulah [that’s what we named our cow ;) ] felt about her first milking experience.

I’ve never had so much fun writing about a cow before. We were literally in splits as our story unfolded. We described in gory detail how the cow felt 'violated' by the farmer who went about milking her in a cold methodical way. We basically got into the bovine mind and let the words flow.

When the half hour was done we had a pretty nifty story. However the phrase given to us was "For Sale: Unused Baby Shoes"
It took us quite a while to think up a story that was convincing and at the same time logically connected to Beulah's narrative. So we ended up writing another narrative from the farmer's P.O.V about the death of his son from tainted cow's milk!
[Beulah's revenge].

Guess the judges liked our line of thinking as we walked away with the second place prize! 1000 bucks worth of vouchers from Spykar jeans. Pretty good for a few kicks if i should say so myself.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Lion, The Witch, The Wardrobe and Turkish Delights!

We have surely entered the times of movie-adaptations with the LOTR trilogy and the run-of-the-mill Harry Potter movie series.

I went for the matinee show of The Chronicles of Narnia today. I’ve been waiting to see this movie for a while now ever since I saw the poster at Inox announcing its release.

Got a call from Stephen at 9:45 am telling me to rush to the theatre for the 10am show coz he had a ticket for me. By the time I left my place it was already 10! I finally reached the theatre at 10:25am, picked up my ticket from the gatekeeper and rushed into the hall exactly at 10:30.

Luckily I hadn’t missed much as the fun had just begun with the kids having discovered Narnia in their wardrobe.

The movie was a real treat to say the least. The character animation and the battle scenes were amazing and the scenic beauty of New Zealand added to the aura of Narnia. The story seemed to be rushing a bit but that’s what you expect when an epic saga is ported to the silver screen.
The gospel allegory and symbolism was also hard to miss with the innocent lion ruler Aslan’s sacrifice for the guilty Edmund depicting the sacrifice of the sinless Christ for guilty sinners like us. The kids have also done a very good job in portraying their characters. I must say I loved the beaver with his British accent!

This is definitely one well made film that will leave you waiting for the next installments to be released and is well worth watching on the big screen.

My rating: 8.5/10