Friday, October 05, 2007


Lying Beneath a Dream by Anah Aevia

Lord,come tonight with the wind You have created.
I will walk with You through the gates in the promised kingdom.
Your hand in mine,I stand in awe.
Let me not exist in this apathy.
I will drink from the cup and rest in Your arms forever.
I long to kneel before golden thrones and worship.
I will stand beside You as the earth is engulfed in flames.
I will give my all to my King.
Breath of God lift me.
And the seventh seal is broken.
The first trumpet is sounded and there came hail and fire mixed with blood.
A third is burned.
I watch my brothers rise with the stars.
I am never alone.
The sky open and my King comes with the clouds.
Every eye is watching,even those who have pierced Him.
I await Your arrival and prepare Your throne next to mine,my breathren.
You are with me always.
And always I will serve You.
Until the end.