Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tongue of Slip

A classic case of Spoonerism. During a recent Bible study, the speaker (a close friend of mine) was talking about going for a jog wearing old Nike sneakers and ended up saying "Go jogging with old nickers".
I cant remember the last time I laughed so loud and hard at a Bible study.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Free Rice: Feed The Hungry

Just came across this site yesterday. It a pretty neat idea...All you have to do is guess a few synonyms, and for each correct answer you give, 10 grains of rice are donated through the United Nations World Food Program (WPF) to feed a hungry soul.
The money that pays for the rice comes from advertisements on the page.
Not only are they out to reduce the hunger thats there in the world, they are also increasing people's vocabulary...which translates into some cool office timepass for me :)

How will a measly 10 grains of rice help reduce world hunger??...so far over 580 million grains have been donated...thats a HUGE amount of rice!!
I managed around a thousand grains yesterday...
So check out the site, test your vocabulary and feed some hungry people!

Friday, October 05, 2007


Lying Beneath a Dream by Anah Aevia

Lord,come tonight with the wind You have created.
I will walk with You through the gates in the promised kingdom.
Your hand in mine,I stand in awe.
Let me not exist in this apathy.
I will drink from the cup and rest in Your arms forever.
I long to kneel before golden thrones and worship.
I will stand beside You as the earth is engulfed in flames.
I will give my all to my King.
Breath of God lift me.
And the seventh seal is broken.
The first trumpet is sounded and there came hail and fire mixed with blood.
A third is burned.
I watch my brothers rise with the stars.
I am never alone.
The sky open and my King comes with the clouds.
Every eye is watching,even those who have pierced Him.
I await Your arrival and prepare Your throne next to mine,my breathren.
You are with me always.
And always I will serve You.
Until the end.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Scrabble...I luv this game!

I first started playing Scrabble when I was in the 4th or 5th grade. My grannie taught me how to play and I've loved the game ever since. Even managed to represent my school at an inter-school Scrabble tournament.

I didnt fare too well there...but it was the first time I was introduced to the official Scrabble words which, mind you, are nothing like the words which we use in our everyday sentences. Works like Qi, Jo and Aa are all acceptable and even have meanings!

Recently I've started playing online at www.isc.ro and tonight I managed to score my first online Bingo with the word 'Prelude' against some dude called 'Viswa'. I myself go by the nick 'ExNihilo' coz sadly, 'Switchblade' was already taken.

Note - A 'Bingo' is when you use all 7 letters(tiles) at once. You get an extra 50 points added to your score.

Above is a screenshot of my victory. I've uploaded it for everyone to behold!
The words in red have been made by me. After this game I got a cool 20 points added to my ranking bringing me to 557 points which isnt bad but its nowhere near the top players who have over 2000 points.

I've got a long way to go!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Today I went out shopping for a bean bag. Always wanted to have one...ever since one of my friends got one in his room during our college days. Used to love sitting on his bag whenever I was over at his place. Now I'm gonna have my own...and its an XXL one at that!

So I'm in the shop deciding on the color of my new piece of furniture...and this guy is talking to the salesman next to me. Here's the conversation they had while I eavesdropped.

Customer: "How much do the beans cost?"

Salesman: (Showing him the foam) "They come free with the bag when you buy it."

Customer: "What if I want to fill my bag with actual beans?"

Salesman: "Yes sir, I assure you the foam we use is the actual filling that all branded companies use in their bags."

Customer: "No, I mean what about real beans?"

Salesman: "Sir, there is no such thing as 'real' beans...These are as real as they come."

Customer: "And if I want to fill my bag with real beans, How much will it cost me?"

Salesman: (Realizing that this doofus is talking about coffee beans) "Sir, filling a bag this size with 'real' beans would be too expensive!!"


I had to go outside the shop to catch my breath!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Its 11:50pm and I'm still in the office. Im coding for someone else's defect after having completed my work for the day. Just realised that the some more coding changes are required and I might have to stay on for some more time before leaving for home. Thats not all...I've come to work on my bike and its raining outside. So its a 20 km ride back home in the cold and rain only to come back early tomorrow morning and join the rat race once again....do you think Im frustrated??

Monday, May 14, 2007

The day I got assaulted...

Just finished another year in my life...I'm now well aged and nicely matured at the age of 22. I think since its been more than a year now I'll relate to you the most embarassing thing that has ever happened to me...I got assaulted by a man with a paralysed arm...on my 21st birthday!

So here's what happened....

It was just past midnight on the 11th of May and the birthday calls were flowing in from friends and family when two of my friends from church showed up at my flat to take me out for some early morning coffee...

Since it was like 12:30am I could think of only one place that would be open at that hour. It was a spurious restaurant which operated undercover into the wee hours of the morning, operating behind nearly closed shutters and mostly catering to students who plan on staying up the whole night studying. Not many people know of this joint and its whereabouts are only circulated by word of mouth from one student to another.

So we went inside and waited for a waiter to come and serve us. Apart from being the only eating joint open all night long, this place is also famous for Uttam Kamble aka UK. He is the head waiter at the restaurant and sports an engineering degree from one of Pune's most prestigious colleges. Sadly he has a paralysed arm and thats probably why he works as a waiter at the said restaurant. Hes quite famous among the college students coz he converses in fluent English and is quite friendly....so I thought!

As UK was taking our order, one of my friends thought it would be good to mention to him that its my birthday...UK was very pleased to hear this as his birthday was only a few days away and he said that they should get together and give me a couple of birthday bumps. We all laughed it off and placed our order.UK decided to change our order from 3 teas to 3 special coffees since it was a special day for me...and we didnt say anything so as not to seem ungrateful.

After we were done with the coffee and a few omletes, my friends waited outside the restaurant while I stayed back inside to clear the bill. Since UK wasnt around I decided to pay the bill at the main counter itself...this would mean UK wouldnt get a tip but I thought that would be alright (Id like to mention at this poitn that the special coffee wasnt 'on the house' as we thought it would be....UK charged us for it!).

As I was about to leave with the spare change after paying the bill, UK showed up demanding a birthday gift from me...which was quite ironic since it was my birthday. Seeing the change in my hand he asked me to buy him a cigarette with it...thus clearing his tip and taking care of the birthday gift at the same time. Even though I dont encourage smokers I bought him the cigarette and turned to leave. As I bent under the shutters to leave I felt a sharp pain in my butt! Thats coz UK decided to unceremoniously plant his knee there. I turned around in shock to see UK smiling at me. Then he shouted out "One!! Haha... I told you I'd give you birthday bumps!" as if to start the counting for 21 bumps that he was planning to give me....

I fled the place with what remained of my dignity and my 'friends' laughing their heads off.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Something New

I know its been long since Ive posted anything here...thats only coz Ive been a bit busy with a new blog at the side...its a pretty good idea and Im really having a lot of fun being a part of this group....

This blog is in no way shut down and I will be back...


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

On the 9th Day of Christmas...

Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year to all you peepz out there!

This year was one of my first carol singing experiences ever...and it was great. On the 23rd and 24th of December, a bus-full of us 'carollers' went out to serenade the commoners. After nearly 6 hours a day of singing out loud my throat was sore but it felt really amazing.

We even stopped over at my place to sing to my parents who had come down to India for a short vacation. Apparently our neighbours also overheard us and left their doors open so that they could hear us singing in what they described as 'Amazing Voices'!

We even came up with some carols of our own...dont remember any of them apart from 'I shot the Reindeer..but I didnt shoot Santa Clause' :)

Its really sad that most people tend to associate Christmas with Fat men in red suits and decorated trees without giving even a moments thought to Christ. I mean we would have no reason to celebreate if He hadnt come...
If even a single person would realise the true meaning of Christmas through our singing then our work is done.

So now I'm back at work after my 10 day Christmas vacation...the festive mood is yet to completely wear off...the holiday wieght is begging to be shed and feeble resolutions of going to the gym regularly are already on the verge of being broken.

Thats all for now...Today being the 9th day of Christmas I'm expecting my true love to show up any moment with 9 Drummers drumming and a whole lot of other goodies :)

PS - This is my 50th post so extra warm wishes to all my regular readers....Have a fabulous new year ahead.

Friday, December 01, 2006

My first FragFest

First things first....for all you n00bs out there...a FragFest is a gaming event.
And to all the laypersons out there...'n00b' is the shortform for newbie and its used to refer to all amateurs.(Its kinda derogatory too)

So I made my way to my first FF last night...Just a couple of guys working in the same company getting together for a few hours of unadulterated Counter Strike!!
Being an avid gamer I couldnt resist the offer when it came up on the bulletin board.
First thing i noticed was that everyone was introducing themselves only by their screen-names...

So I was like...
Hi Im Royston.
And He goes....
Pleased to meet you, Im RaxiS_ConnoR and this is Drakcul!

And Im thinking...what have I gotten myself into?? These guys are real pros! Im gonna get my butt kicked so badly Im prolly gonna give up gaming for life.
Another first timer, Josin aka :::PinDRopSileNcE>>> was also there.

What followed was 3 hours of amazing gameplay...stuff that Ive missed dearly after leaving the carefree trainee life back at Mysore.

All things said and done :::PinDRopSileNcE>>> and SwitchBlade (thats me) ended up making quite a good team together! Him with his trusted AK47 assault rifle and me armed with my ever present Magnum sniper rifle. Im not gonna boast but I did have the highest number of frags in nearly all the maps...(Guess I did boast just a little :P)

PS - If you n00bs are still wondering...a 'frag' is a kill.

Had to leave relatively early coz I had to be in the office by 8:30 today morning....cripes! Looking forward to my next one :)


"Always fear a sniper unless you encounter him from behind"

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Run-in with the Mama

On my way to work I was stopped by a Mama near ShivajiNagar police station. Along with me another dude on a scooter was pulled over. I realised what the problem was when I saw his licence plate...it was from Madhya Pradesh...my bike is Karnataka registered...

I knew that Mama was going to try and make a quick buck from us. By the time I parked my bike and entered the police station, the other dude had already bribed his way outta the sticky situation.
Mama asked me to show him my NOC while he pocketed the 100 he had just received.

I told him that I didnt need one as its been not more than 2 months since I bought the bike and the law is that you can ride your vehicle without an NOC for 6 months in a foreign state.
Thinking I was unaware of this clause in the law he went on to describe in detail how the law works and how I should have a temporary NOC with me if not a permanent one.
Then hes like,"Ab bolo...1000 rupees ka fine hain...parchi de doon kya?" (Now tell me...its a Thousand bucks fine...do you want a receipt?)

I asked him to wait while I phone my friend who is a police commissioner...Mama got worried..."Yeh karne ki kya jaroorat hain? Woh toh Karnataka ka commissioner hain, Maharashtra ka nahi!"
(Why do you want to do that? He's the police commissioner of Karnataka and not of Maharashtra!)

I continued to let the phone ring...He relented saying."Kya tum yahaan permenently rehne ke liye aaye ho? Agar nahi toh NOC ki jaroorat nahi hain! Tam jaa sakte ho."
(If you're not gonna stay here permanently then you dont need an NOC! You can leave.)

He handed me back my licence and left as I walked away with my head held high and a broad grin on my face!

The score now stands...
Royston - 1 Mama - 0

PS - For those who are unaware of the term Mama...it is the fond name by which we refer to our traffic policemen here :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hello God

Here is a short poem written by a soldier while he was hiding in a shell hole during the Vietnam War.

Lord God, I have never spoken to You,
But now I want to say, "How do You do?"
You see God, they told me you didnt exist...
And like a fool I believed all this.

Last night from a shell hole I saw Your sky,
I figured right then they had told me a lie.
Had I taken time to see the things You made,
I'd have known they were not calling a spade a 'spade'

I wonder God, If You'll take my hand
Somehow I fell that You'll understand.
Funny I had to come to this Hellish place
Before I had time to see Your face

Well, I guess there isn't much more to say,
But Im sure glad God, I met You today.
I guess Zero hour will soon be here,
But Im not afraid since I know You're near.

The signal!...Well God, I'll have to go,
I like You lots... I want You to know.
Look now this will be a horrible fight,
Who knows I may come to Your house tonight.

Though I wasn't friendly to You before,
I wonder God, If You'd wait at Your door.
Look Im crying...Im shedding tears,
I'll have to go now God, goodbye!
Strange now since I met You Im not afraid to die...