Saturday, July 29, 2006

Nanage Kannada Gothilla!

Its been two weeks since I got here and I've come to realise that its gonna take me more than 2 weeks to get familiar with this place. Still havent got the slightest clue what people around me are saying...but I have managed to learn one sentence in the local language...Nanage kannada gothilla...which means I dont know Kannada!

Mysore is a very quiet city and everyone goes to sleep at 8:30....hence the nightlife is practically non-existent. The laid back locals couldn't care less about whats happening around them. Rickshaw drivers will tell you to walk rather than make a few rupees taking you to your destination. Waiters wont bother themselves waiting on your table!

I have found a very nice place to stay since along with 6 of my college mates coz we haven't been provided accomodation on campus. Its a duplex bungalow and I can't help bragging about it coz at 10k a month its an absolute steal! A similar fully furnished bungalow in Pune would cost you half a year's salary and in Bombay....well no one could rent it coz not many people are that rich.

We also have a maid who is an absolute God-sent. She washes,cleans and sweeps without any complaining....actually she cant coz she only speaks Kannada and none of us can converse with her :)

Still havent got any wheels here. Planning to go book a bike one of these days coz public transport is a real pain!

The company campus seems too good to be true...with an expanse of 335 sprawling acres its one of the biggest campuses in Asia! There is only one multiplex in Mysore and it is in our campus! 4 screens and a new movie every Saturday :)
Ive taken quite a few pics of the place and I will be posting them soon.

The mosquitoes have returned....apparently they have unfinished business with me :(

Saturday, July 15, 2006

After yet another looong hiatus from everything online, Im back and blogging from Mysore where I shall be spending the next year or so of my life working for a software company and earning my bread and butter with chicken as a side dish.
That say...'When in Rome do as the Romans'. Not sure if this applies to South India too but if it does I should be expected to end every statement with a 'da', rattle of a sentence at the rate of 200 words per minute and be have a musical lilt to my speech.

Thats all for now. Mosquitoes are waging a full blown war against my uncovered feet and Im losing fast....