Friday, September 29, 2006


Greeting fellow netizens...Im Baaaack!! Back in Pune (relocated from Mysore) and back to blogging from my cubicle ;)
It is with a heavy heart that I recount the following incident....

Today morning as I rode my bike to Aurora Towers from where I catch the 9am bus I noticed something....Someone had stolen my speedometer!! I mean they unscrewed it and made off with it!!
I have an Red Avenger that is barely one month old and she has been violated so blatanly!!
The thief also took the time to bend my rear view mirror for good measure. Oh! the depravity of man's evil heart!!
Apparently such thefts are common as Avenger parts are hard to come by in the market. No consolation there...
Gonna take my baby to the service station tomorrow and pamper her. She deserves it after this horrible incident.