Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Jaadu ki Jhappi

Heres something that happened during my recent study leave. I had reached a point in my studies which any struggling engineer can identify with. The point where you begin to wonder if time has finally stooped in its tracks and you are reliving the same moment over and over again... the point where you would gladly rip off your own limbs to have something better to do... the point where you feel your intelligence and liveliness getting sapped away from your brain.
Basically the peak of the study leave.

I was really frustrated after having spent the entire day in front of some meaningless book without having anything added to my already shallow reserves of knowledge.And it was at this point of time that I felt that a hug would be real fine and dandy. Just a general hug. Not from anyone in particular.Normally mom would be around to fulfill my hug needs but as a hostelite this was one hug that I was not about to get very soon (and I was definitely not going to hug one of my roomies!!)

So I messaged SueAllen (one of my oldest and bestest friends) telling her how I was lagging behind my schedule and how desperate I was getting. At the end of the message I mentioned about the hug to her.Prompt came her reply with a hug as an attachment.

And that was all I needed to kick the horrible mood I was in. I mean ive received a lot of messages with hugs and kisses at the end but this one was real special.I was back to my books in no time and I was actually able to get some quality studyin done. Pretty cool huh! Thats the magic of a hug via sms!!