Sunday, June 17, 2007


Today I went out shopping for a bean bag. Always wanted to have one...ever since one of my friends got one in his room during our college days. Used to love sitting on his bag whenever I was over at his place. Now I'm gonna have my own...and its an XXL one at that!

So I'm in the shop deciding on the color of my new piece of furniture...and this guy is talking to the salesman next to me. Here's the conversation they had while I eavesdropped.

Customer: "How much do the beans cost?"

Salesman: (Showing him the foam) "They come free with the bag when you buy it."

Customer: "What if I want to fill my bag with actual beans?"

Salesman: "Yes sir, I assure you the foam we use is the actual filling that all branded companies use in their bags."

Customer: "No, I mean what about real beans?"

Salesman: "Sir, there is no such thing as 'real' beans...These are as real as they come."

Customer: "And if I want to fill my bag with real beans, How much will it cost me?"

Salesman: (Realizing that this doofus is talking about coffee beans) "Sir, filling a bag this size with 'real' beans would be too expensive!!"


I had to go outside the shop to catch my breath!


Grafxgurl said...

lol that was funny.. imagine getting a high from a bean bag... id call it THE PICK ME UP BAG!

btw. this might sound stupid to you.. but.. arent most of whats listed in "the good stuff" on your page considered dangerous music?
these days there's such a huge onslaught of dangerous stuff out taints your mind you know.. i dont mean to preach...but that music was what my husband used to listen to and he said he didnt know it but it took him mentally away from God for years.

SwitchBlade said...

Firstly theres absolutely nothing stupid about what you just said...Thanks for pointing it out...

Ur not gonna believe this but just last Saturday, I had a chat with one of my friends about innapropriate music and where a Christian should draw the line when it comes to secular music. I realised one thing...I had stopped filtering the stuff that I listened to...I mean none of it was outright blasphemous...but it wasnt God honouring either....So I went home and did some spring cleaning in my "Good Stuff". Shift-Deleted hundreds of songs...Thanks for reminding me to clean up my blog too :)

God Bless!!

Grafxgurl said...

oh wow.. err. you know what. as my brother in Christ. i am really happy that you did that. ive stopped listening to secular music too. and as uncool as that sounds to the world.. its something that has really helped .. a lot...theres just so much pain and hurt and unrequited love out there and everybody tries to sing their way out of it with their own methods and it can be extremely misleading to impressionable minds...

God Bless you too.

pRicky said...

guess he took having a hot coffee with real beans a little too far...

AlterinG Abhishek said...

hey even i wanted to buy!!

kitne ke hai wahan??