Friday, December 01, 2006

My first FragFest

First things first....for all you n00bs out there...a FragFest is a gaming event.
And to all the laypersons out there...'n00b' is the shortform for newbie and its used to refer to all amateurs.(Its kinda derogatory too)

So I made my way to my first FF last night...Just a couple of guys working in the same company getting together for a few hours of unadulterated Counter Strike!!
Being an avid gamer I couldnt resist the offer when it came up on the bulletin board.
First thing i noticed was that everyone was introducing themselves only by their screen-names...

So I was like...
Hi Im Royston.
And He goes....
Pleased to meet you, Im RaxiS_ConnoR and this is Drakcul!

And Im thinking...what have I gotten myself into?? These guys are real pros! Im gonna get my butt kicked so badly Im prolly gonna give up gaming for life.
Another first timer, Josin aka :::PinDRopSileNcE>>> was also there.

What followed was 3 hours of amazing gameplay...stuff that Ive missed dearly after leaving the carefree trainee life back at Mysore.

All things said and done :::PinDRopSileNcE>>> and SwitchBlade (thats me) ended up making quite a good team together! Him with his trusted AK47 assault rifle and me armed with my ever present Magnum sniper rifle. Im not gonna boast but I did have the highest number of frags in nearly all the maps...(Guess I did boast just a little :P)

PS - If you n00bs are still wondering...a 'frag' is a kill.

Had to leave relatively early coz I had to be in the office by 8:30 today morning....cripes! Looking forward to my next one :)


"Always fear a sniper unless you encounter him from behind"


Anonymous said...

OOpsie Daisies !!!!!!!
Look who's here..!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where were you, has life been so busy you dont get time to drop in a line to your frens ??
Or is it that you dont look at it that way ??

About his post, you're a complete game-freak,no?. I aint into gaming but I love watching when my bro n cuzins scramble around !!
Loved this post.
And hey 'noob'... sounds darn cool n funny...he he he ! And yeah 'frag' too.
Hope you're fine and that having lotsa preps for Christmas coming ?

Just keep posting somethimg, something is always good.
Atleast it lets us know you're there !

Take care.
Missed you.

Anonymous said...

gud to c u back :)...tho as u'd guess...i have no clue abt gaming but i can see it got u excited enuff to get here and blog!!!

SwitchBlade said...

Hey...its good to be missed :)
I have very little access to the net at the office blogging is actually a luxury for me at the moment:)
Will try to be more regular though...

@Cinderella : Missed you too cindy :)

@Ishita : You should try it...what a rush when you 'frag' the 'noobs'!!

Grafxgurl said...

lol im a nerd too.. but i cant do dishoom dishoom. lol im a designery computer nerd!!

glad you had fun!! :D
and err... you listen to KALMAH!??!??!!?!?!?????!

Anonymous said...

DOG!! Post that freakin YouTube Vid..

Anonymous said...

@grafxgurl: whats wrong with Kalmah?? They're really good!!

SwitchBlade said...

@grafxgurl: Er...Im sorry but its more like Dishkaooon than Dishoom Dishoom :D
More fun is on the another one planned this Friday :)

Agarwaen Mormegil said...

i'm not much into FPS gaming. RTS, WW 2 and sports titles are more to my taste.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a merry merry merry christmas, though i'm sorry i wasnt here to wish you in time.
Have a fantastic new year ahead and lets see more of you here.
Take care.

SwitchBlade said...

Thanks Cindy...a Very Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New year to you too :)