Tuesday, January 02, 2007

On the 9th Day of Christmas...

Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year to all you peepz out there!

This year was one of my first carol singing experiences ever...and it was great. On the 23rd and 24th of December, a bus-full of us 'carollers' went out to serenade the commoners. After nearly 6 hours a day of singing out loud my throat was sore but it felt really amazing.

We even stopped over at my place to sing to my parents who had come down to India for a short vacation. Apparently our neighbours also overheard us and left their doors open so that they could hear us singing in what they described as 'Amazing Voices'!

We even came up with some carols of our own...dont remember any of them apart from 'I shot the Reindeer..but I didnt shoot Santa Clause' :)

Its really sad that most people tend to associate Christmas with Fat men in red suits and decorated trees without giving even a moments thought to Christ. I mean we would have no reason to celebreate if He hadnt come...
If even a single person would realise the true meaning of Christmas through our singing then our work is done.

So now I'm back at work after my 10 day Christmas vacation...the festive mood is yet to completely wear off...the holiday wieght is begging to be shed and feeble resolutions of going to the gym regularly are already on the verge of being broken.

Thats all for now...Today being the 9th day of Christmas I'm expecting my true love to show up any moment with 9 Drummers drumming and a whole lot of other goodies :)

PS - This is my 50th post so extra warm wishes to all my regular readers....Have a fabulous new year ahead.


J said...

Happy New Year to you too bro...

wanted to call, coz i'm in india, but i didnt have ur new cell number, let me know, hope u have a great year ahead...all the best for the new year. So is one of your resolution to post once a month?? ;)

take care and keep in touch,
cheers, nik

SwitchBlade said...

Happy New Year to you too dude. Where in India are you??
How was your New Years??

Give my regards to your folks...

J said...

am in bombay till next friday...got a indian number till then, so feel free to buzz me at 9920160082 anytime...take care mate